The Solutions

Bizpills has four specific solutions to help companies improve the efficiency of their strategic HR processes. These lines are designed to adapt to each specific need, helping us become a strategic partner committed to the objectives of our clients.

Learning Effectiveness

We answer the educational, training and knowledge management needs of companies by designing activities and bespoke training routes and applying cutting edge technology.
We have specialists in each of the training cycle phases with the most innovative materials and technology.

  • Solutions
  • Design and creation of classroom, e-learning and blended courses and training routes
  • Audiovisual factory for creating e-learning courses
  • Pedagogical consultancy
  • Conceptualization, introduction and management of Corporate Universities
  • Tutoring and energizing services
  • Knowledge Management Projects
  • School for trainers
  • New trends: collaborative learning, gamification…

Talent & Leadership Effectiveness

We help in the design and definition of talent development plans. We identify and consolidate strategic skills and competencies to achieve the company’s objectives, counting on specific solutions for the training and development of senior management teams.

  • Solutions
  • Design and implementation of development routes
  • Definition of performance evaluation models
  • Tools for the implementation and management of performance evaluation processes
  • Leadership academies
  • Management style manuals

Sales Effectiveness

This solution is aimed at enhancing the development of sales teams to help a company establish and consolidate its sales strategy and achieve its sales targets.

  • Solutions
  • Conceptualization, introduction and management of Sales Academies
  • Design and implementation of systematic sales models and sales team management
  • Certification of sales networks knowledge
  • Management of sales material. Centralization, segmentation, and cloud storage
  • Manuals, product and service catalogues
  • Evaluation and development of sales skills and competencies
  • Digitalization of sales events

Internal Marketing & Communication Effectiveness

It is the effective solution for consolidating the internal communication strategy of the company. It maximizes the efficiency of the awareness and information processes in order to obtain employees aligned with the company’s objectives, culture and values.

  • Solutions
  • Transmission of culture and values
  • Welcome packs
  • Internal Marketing
  • Change management processes
  • Implementation of internal communication environments
  • Definition of internal communication and/or specific campaign planning
  • Impact generation of online/offline communications
  • Project offices, content curation, administration management
  • Compliance Manuals

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Do you want to improve the efficiency of Human Resources processes in your company? Get in touch with us.


Contact us

Do you want to improve the efficiency of Human Resources processes in your company? Get in touch with us.